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Easy credential management

Are you tired of dragging your credentials with you to every job interview?

Store, verify and manage your credentials with Tik.me.

Tik.me App Dashboard - multi-device app

The Tik.me Dashboard

Store, verify, and manage your credentials: qualifications, licenses, insurances and more!

Tik.me - certainty creates direction

Make storing and retrieving your credentials easier

Store and verify your credentials in your Tik.me profile in the cloud. Then share your profile with recruiters quickly and easily.

Tik.me - certainty improves efficiency

Be notified when your credentials are about to expire.

Tik.me will monitor the expiry date on your credentials and notify you before they expire. Revalidate your credentials so that you're always work-ready.

Tik.me - certainty provides more opportunities

Put yourself at the top of the recruitment list

Verifying your credentials for recruiters reduces the workload for them, so that you can make your application

Tik.me - certainty improves efficiency

Keep your credentials secure

Store your credentials in a single-point, secure cloud to reduce document duplication. Recruiters and employers receive a certificate of verification for the credentials you share with them.

Are you an employer or recruiter?

See how Tik.me can enhance your workforce management processes.

Tik.me for Organisations

Let Tik.me take away the headache of managing your credentials.

Fast upload and storage of your credentials via desktop or mobile

Simple processes to verify your credentials for your next job

Easy to share with your employer or recruitment agent

Get email reminders when credentials are about to expire

Add credentials with BeMore.jobs to build your career faster

Get customised career news via the WorkFacts news stream

Check the list of credential types we verify
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